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It gives us great pleasure to share with you what our satisfied clients have to say about We sincerely wish that you experience the same. Your feedback is most welcome.

From: May Jayapaul

Our property has been leased out. It was quick and easy to list our property on your website.
Thanks for the efficient service provided in your website.

Best regards,
May Jayapaul

From: Dhananjay Shedbale

I must tell you that, I had received many of the enquiries through because of the advertisement, which you kept floated.
We even received enquiries from USA & UK. We are really thankful to you for the same & in future we will be in touch with you for our buying/ selling.

With best wishes,
Dhananjay Shedbale

From: Jaideep

The person I sold to did get my reference thru India Properties. So the insert definitely helped....


From: Jyoti

We got a lot of inquiries from your site and two almost worked out except for the financials. But finally we sold it thru an agent near the area...thank you for the support


From: Siddhartha Sen-Chowdhry

Thank you for your reply indicating that you have kindly removed my listing IPLS 162661.
I did not sell my property through, it was sold absolutely privately.

However my comments are as follows:
I have had at least six responses through you and all of them were genuine and very worthwhile.

It felt like that people who responded through IP were keen buyers who also felt encouraged that they could save a packet on broker's fees and a good level of transparency could be assumed by being directly in touch with the vendor. There could also be a perception that advertisers (vendors) are internet savvy and hence educated, global and possibly reliable.
Responses through brokers were not only fewer, but also smacked of indirectness (possibly hidden overpayments) and tended to be time wasting.

I would say that the IPLS listing was a lot more effective than conventional methods.
I have one more property (the last one) to sell in 4/5 years time. There is no doubt that I would look forward to using your service again.

Kind regards,
Siddhartha Sen-Chowdhry

From: Vishwanath Desai

I had use esteemed forum for promoting my flat on rent. The flat was given on rent in about week's time and I am also happy with the quality of response. I must also acknowledge the assistance given by Ms Molly to successfully utilise your forum, She inspires confidence and readily offers help.

Vishwanath Desai

From: Sadiq

I was glad to have recieved a lightning response from your side it truly shows the intensity with which your company is trying to build client relationship, i congratulate you and your company for having such systems in place.

Customer Is King

From: Aditi Paranjpe

Thanks for your prompt response to all my queries. I have been using your portal, for my Mumbai properties for almost two years now.I find it to be a very convenient way to link up with prospective rentees for my property. Also my experience is that the queries are always genuine. The excellent support you give is also definitely adding great value.

Thanks again,
Aditi Paranjpe

From: Countryside Realtors, Hyderabad

Thank u for ur assistance. Was really impressed with ur timely follow up. Thank u.


From: Ashwin (Mumbai)

Thanks for your prompt support. I didn't expect such a good support. It was really Great.
Thanks once again.

Ashwin ( Mumbai )

From: Nandan

I have just supplied CC details, pl confirm acceptance.
By the way, I am very pleased with your support and thanks for that.


From: Padmavathy Venkatraman

Thank you so very much for such a promt service.I am a regular visitor of your site and i know you are v. good but its only now i now its excellent for a very resonable cost that too.I am recomending it to my NRI and friends and others here too.I have spoken twice to your collegue MOLLY too and you all are good team.

Padmavathy Venkatraman

From: Syed Ahmed.

Thanks for your e mail of Thurs.the 2nd .and your suggestions which are extremely helpful.I presume there are some errors in the size of the built up area and the entire lot.Mr.umapathy will let you know .kindly make the correction upon his information.I do want to thank you again.You have been extremely helpful.

So long for now.
Syed Ahmed.

From: Dr. Narendra Deshmukh

This is about my listing No. 158926. I am glad to inform you that I have finalised sale of the flat with a potential customer. Hence you are requested to remove my listing from your active website listing the properties available for sale. I would further like to add that I received a good response to the listing and even received calls from USA. The sale is being finalised after an estate agent in Pune saw the listing from your website and introduced me to a customer. Hence I'd give the credit of sale of the flat to your service ! I look forward to approach you for similar support from your company in future.

Thank you very much.
Dr. Narendra Deshmukh

From: Arjun Mangaldas

Thank you very much for uploading the pictures!
Also, my sincere apologies for claiming that you had not written to me - I found all your emails - they had been spam-filtered into my junk mail box (automatically by rediffmail!).
Your customer service is extremely imprressive and I congratulate you personally and for the same.

Arjun Mangaldas

From: Sushil

I have just spoken with Molly.
First of all I want to say that I am very happy with youir respionse. Thanks for taking all prompt actions. Speaks well of an organisation. Second, I spoke with Molly. She, too, was very helpful and positive. Please do make the price Rs 80 lakhs. and the property is 840, Secctor 17.


From: Bala

Thanks for deleting the listing.
I found the customer directly through my network the very fist week I listed the property on, but I did find your website provided lot of tractions, I was constantly getting calls and email. In future I would like to have more listings through


From: Pullisseri Gopalan

Many thanks for your reply and I appreciate the promptness you have shown all along. I now realise there is no need for the e-mail address at the contact section. Consequently, you can remove "FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS, PLEASE WRITE TO ETC" Your system is very satisfactory.

Thank you once again,
Yours truly
Pullisseri Gopalan.

From: Mrs. Padma Venkat

Our property has been sold out and i request you to kindly DELETE the same from your listings. I thank indiaproperties for the good service.Good wishes in the NEW YEAR.

Mrs. Padma Venkat

From: Mr H.Anand

Thank you for you mail. The advt looks fine now. Thanks for all your help, and putting up with all my fuss.

Yours sincerely,
Mr H.Anand

From: Capt. Masood Baig

Thank you very much! You people are amazingly prompt. I wish I had paid the cheque earlier!
I have noted the detials and will be calling the interested parties. Thanks again.

Best Regards
Capt. Masood Baig

From: Shivani V. Chaturvedi

Thanks to we now have a tenenat for the property I had avertised for. May I now request your help in withdrawing that advertisment (IPLS No. 161933), so that we do not get any more enquiries for the same.
Appreciate your help.

Shivani V. Chaturvedi

From: Mr. Kalyanpur

First let me thank you for your impeccable English. Rarely have I come across people with such a command over the Language.
Second, I thank you for the trouble you have taken to help me.
I shall get back to you after my work is done.
Incidentally, is there any way that I can write/speak to your higher ups informing them about the way in which you have enhanced their Company's value by your language and timely help?

Mr. Kalyanpur

From: Prakash

After my experience at abroad with the support, next I see is only from you. Thank you for your excellent reply. Keep it up.
I like your site.

Regards, Prakash.


Thank you very much for your immediate response. Your concern for your associates is highly appreciated and we thank you once again for your help and clarification on the points raised.

With warm regards

From: Reflex Realty & FCP Ltd., Mumbai, India

We heartily appreciate your efforts to publish article on 'Exclusive Marketing Agency' concept with mention of our company's profile and activities. We feel you all are doing a wonderful job by creating awareness on new face of Indian Real Estate Services and Real Estate Industry as a whole.
We wish you all the success to you, your colleagues and management to continue this trend to change our industry's perception and information flow for better.

Vipul Shah, Director

From: Dr. Narendra Deshmukh

'I am glad to inform you that I have finalised sale of the flat with a potential customer… I would further like to add that I received a good response to the listing and even received calls from USA…The sale is being finalised after an estate agent in Pune saw the listing from your website and introduced me to a customer. Hence I'd give the credit of sale of the flat to your service! Thank you very much.'

Dr. Narendra Deshmukh
email :

From: Srini Venigalla

'Thank you so much for your help!! I am impressed with your follow-up. Keep up the great work. Hopefully, I will buy my dream bungalow on your site soon.'

Srini Venigalla
email :

From: Malini Thadani

I registered my property in Gurgaon, Haryana on your site early last year, as an experiment, to see whether there would be any response from prospective buyers. Intrestingly, I received enquiries from several parties, some of whom were obviuosly brokers but some who were genuinely intrested individuals. I was able to establish contact with a buyer and deal with him without having to take recourse to brokers or other middle men. The deal was successfully concluded recently. Thank you for the facility that your site has provided both of us.

Malini Thadani
email :

From: Monal Engineers, Pune

It gives me immense pleasure to thank you and Mr. Dharmesh Sharma and your team for getting sanctioned my Housing loan Proposal from IDBI BANK, F.C. ROAD BR., PUNE. I wish to genuinely and heartily appreciate your EXCELLENT SERVICE. I am very much impressed with your Sincere Approach, Efficiency and Excellent team work. It is a great pleasure to get associated with you and Mr. Dharmesh Sharma. It was your driving force, excellent representation on my behalf, immediate feedback and very sincere interest and fantastic day-to-day rapport that helped me to secure the housing loan.
You will be always remembered for your Fantastic Services.

Best regards,

From: Ramesh Hosmane

I am extremely happy to convey my thanks for the help you offered me in getting a home loan. Without your support, I would not have been able to get the loan easily. You have saved my precious time and money. It was really a great experience working with Indiaproperties. I'll never forget Indiaproperties' help. Best wishes and thanks for both of you and Indiaproperties.

From: Milin Phase and Anamika Phase

We would like to express our deep appreciation for Mr. Roney and Mr. Dharmesh of India Properties Pvt. Ltd. for their excellent help in securing Housing Loan in Pune. We came across these wonderful folks through contact information on their web site ( Their housing loan and insurance services are as wonderful as their property search engine in cyber world. (I will rate it the best for Indian properties) They visited us as per my convenience to explain their services at no charge. Their extensive knowledge about various loan packages and offerings helped us decide about loan company in no time. Their expertise helped us organize our paper work before we could even apply for a loan. We are very happy to inform that our loan was sanctioned in just a week with only two visits to our housing loan Bank. (One for submitting a loan application and other to secure loan check). They also helped us get Insurance coverage on our house with lowest premium.

We have recommended them to our friends and relatives and we will recommend them to anyone who wants excellent service for housing loan and insurance services with unbiased opinion towards each loan package.

We have enjoyed working with them and their company. We will be happy to serve as a reference in the future and would not hesitate to use their company again should the need arise. Again, many thanks and best wishes for their continued success and prosperity!

Best personal regards,
Milin Phase and Anamika Phase
Phone 91-20-5441807
A-2 Dhawalgiri Flat no 103
Rambaug Colony Paud Road
Kothrud Pune 411038
(April 15, 2002)

From: Sai Bakery, Chinchwad Pune 411033.

It is with a sense of gratitude that I am writing to you. Having knocked on the doors of every financial institution in town and refused, I finally approached your organization and was frankly surprised at the friendly and expert advice I got from your officers. They processed my application speedily and ensured that I got the loan of Rupees one lakh fifty thousand that I desired.

The efforts that Indiaproperties took are noteworthy and the experience I had with them is something which I did not get from anyone else.

Thank you Indiaproperties.

Yours faithfully,
Shantiraj Shetty
(10th Jan 2002)

From: Shradha Provision Stores, NDA Road, Pune 411021

I would like to put on record my great appreciation for the tremendous efforts the Housing Finance Team from Indiaproperties took for sanctioning my loan. I had gone to practically all banks and financial institutions who raised some point or the other and I could not get my loan.

When I approached Indiaproperties, they took my case in right earnest and helped me through every step right from scrutinising documents, preparing the loan proposal and getting it processed right up to the disbursal stage. Indiaproperties gave me a new perspective of professional attitude, friendly service and sympathetic attitude. They understood my difficulties very well and provided solutions that got me my loan for Rupees Three lakhs.

I am very thankful to them. Where no one else succeeded, they did. I desire they help more and more people in getting affordable housing loans.

Yours truly,
John Elvies Richard
(24th Jan 2002)

From: Lakshmi Estate Consultants

We have forwarded a client to you - Mr. Elysys R Williams for Rs. 3 lacs loan and we are pleased that the loan has been sanctioned.
We are also happy that with all difficulties, you could manage to get housing loan of Rs. 3.5 lacs for Mrs. Iyer from PNB
With Regards,

Lakshmi Estate Consultants

From: Pankaj.

My name is Pankaj Nerurkar. I had visited your site for search of a rented house in Pune, In accordance to the information from ur site, I met Mr.Shaji Thomas from Connextions Realtors. He proved to be of great help to me . He gave me a flat ,of the type i was looking for and the deal has been finalised . He was very co-operative during the total dealing process. I appreciate your service, response time, and the overall network process.


Very good morning. I am Sreedhar Reddy, from Lanar Realtors, an associate of our Thank you very much for bringing out our website in a short period, and also i should commend that the site has come out very well.My appreciation and thanks to the creative team behind it.
Thanks and regards,

I was new to Delhi and was looking to rent a suitable accommodation in South Delhi. I came to know about through a friend of mine, who had accessed the site for buying a property. I found the content of the site, very informative and had getting in touch with the support staff was very easy. I was contacted by one of the sub brokers of The subbroker had an extensive database of the properties available on rent in South Delhi. The agent was very helpful and assisted me till the signing of the Lease Agreement. The agent was Unique Realtors and Mr rakesh Kumar was very helpful in particular. Major advantage: no hidden costs !! I would recommend this site for people looking to rent a property in south Delhi, at least.
Kind regards
Ashish Bhatnagar

From:Mandira Sen

I have to say my husband and I are very impressed with your site. It is informative and very helpful. However we plan to buy sometime later next year, and were going through the options on your site. Will contact you then! We definitely plan to spread the word about this site our friends in the US and India. I wish you great success and luck with this site.

Thanks & Regards,
Mandira Sen


I am very happy with the service provided by your firm India Properties. It was really a very good experience of getting my Housing loan on time and with very little effort. I would certainly advice my colleagues and friends who are looking a Housing Loan, to go with your firm India Properties. I also would like thank you for YOUR sincere effort in helping me sort out various options and in selecting the appropriate Bank for the Loan. Your punctuality and selfless effort to get my work done has impressed me very much. People like you are certainly an asset to your Organization. I wish more and more success in your career.

Thanks and Regards,
Sivakumar G

From: is a value added service rendered for real estate brokers. It gives backupsupport and professesional approach for work. The clients we have rendered service through indiaproperties are as follows:

  • BPL mobile
  • Asian Paints
  • Rediffusion
  • P&G
  • Phoenix Technosystems Pvt. Ltd.
  • Credit Lyonnais
  • Thomas Cook

These are few esteem clients we have attended through indiaproperties, other than this we have got a lot of enquiries and individuial clients.
indiaproperties has been a great help. They have kept us on the move and informed about the market updates and well informed about the market trends.
Thank you indiaproperties for making us be there.

Thanking you,



At the outset we wish to thank you for all the opportunities, leads and enquiries that have been forwarded to us by Indiaproperties.
Having been appointed as an "Associate" of Indiaproperties since May 1, 2001, we have as on date only been in the preliminary stages of interaction with the prospects. However, we are sure that in the near future, we would be having many pleasant experiences to share.

Thanking you once again and for your co-operation and continued support being extended to us.

Mr. J. Billimoria, North-East Realty
501/b, Crossgate, Samarth Nagar 'X' Road No. 4,
Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri (W),
Mumbai - 400 053. Tel. : 632 0297
Mobile : 98202 33630
E-mail :
Website :

From: Prerana Shah

Your site has been of tremendous help to me. When I wanted to look for property details, the ONLY name that came to my mind was not of any other Real Estate Broker but your website's name - It is a genuinely informative and no-nonsense site. The server speed (for returning results) is also good - it has assisted me quite a lot in these past couple of months. In fact when friends, associates or relatives ask me about any property related matters, I direct them to this site. Thank you for building this wonderful site

Prerana Shah
E-mail -
April 14, 2001

From: Ramprasad Padhi [Pinnacle Realty]

Congrats on the fabulous new look indiaproperties website. Now I know that not only do u take feedback seriously but also endeavour to implement them and keep innovating ur portal. I can tell u without any hesitation that is undoubtedly the best real estate portal I have seen and this has made me take up ur Associate Broker membership. Here's wishing u all the best and hoping that ur innovations continue to make u and us prosper in our business. I'm really benefiting in terms of an increased clientele by being a part of ur network. Thanks again and KEEP IT UP.. We have miles to go before we REST...

Ramprasad Padhi [Pinnacle Realty]
E-mail -
April 10, 2001

From: Chetan Narain

We have had our presence on the net since 1996. All along what was missing was connection between developers and brokers at a central point where we all could meet. has filled that void by not only linking people intra city but across the country too.

The net is the best medium to get like minded people to work with each other. Indiaproperties has been able to get all players in the market of Real Estate be it a Developer,Broker,Architect or an Interior Designer.

We have been very excited from the inception & have totally supported We sincerely wish that they keep improvising the work atmosphere for Real Estate Brokers in India.
We wish them success in their future endeavor.

Chetan Narain.

From: Rajesh M.Kataria

I have been a registered broker with since July this year and have been very satisfied with the response and enquiries I have got.At present I have many properties listed and have received a lot of enquiries and am on the verge of finalizing a few deals as well.

-Rajesh M.Kataria,
Right Linkers Real Estate Services,Mumbai.

From: M.Balchandran

I have been an Affiliate Member of Indiaproperties since May 2000, and have been listing my properties on it since then. Indiaproperties has given me the chance to enhance my own business and generate enquiries for many of my properties listed on it. I am happy with the response and contacts I have received through Indiaproperties. I have actually concluded a transaction from these enquiries.

Goldstar Property Services,Mumbai.

From: Yogesh Mehra

I was the first Broker to list my properties on indiaproperties. I got a number of enquiries and which resulted in successful transactions.

-Yogesh Mehra,
Better Homes,Property Consultants,Pune.


Following is the Feedback 'Hi!!!!!!!!!!! freinds, You all have done a great job.As far as for us it came as blessing from the heavens . I and my two friends were searching for flat for rent in pune as we are studying here. Oneday we read about your site in newspaper ;and thought to gave it a try. and luckily we found a newly built flat at patwardhan baug, karvenagar. No other site on properties give a listing for rental properties and no one is so comprehensive. Thanks for this great site. keep it up.'



Following is the Feedback 'An ecellent site,I put my flat for lease and i got a few very serious enquiries , which resulted in closing the deal also, while sitting in Bombay, i Could let out my property to somebody who is getting transferred from Delhi I wish the site every sucess '





Following is the Feedback 'An ecellent site,I put my flat for lease and i got a few very serious enquiries , which resulted in closing the deal also, while sitting in Bombay, i Could let out my property to somebody who is getting transferred from Delhi I wish the site every sucess '


Thanks a lot, through your guide, I bought a property in Bangalore
Following are my contact details:
Telephone#: 442395


This is to tell you many enquiries I am getting because of listing my
property on your site. I am getting a good response and I wish to thank you for the same.

With regards
Sheldon Rogers
CEG-ETB/HO (Kalkaji)


To the team at
We have gone through your redesigned website and congratulate you for putting a site that is simple, attractive, user friendly and fast.
We have been listed on your site for a year and are extremely pleased with the results. Not only have we received enquiries directly through your site, the number of visitors visiting our website through Indiaproperties is also substantial
We have sold 3 apartments through leads generated by your site . Keep up the good work.


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